Brooke shanley for alderman-at-large

For Aurora.

Aurora knows me as a fourth grade dual language teacher, local union president, and a strong voice in my community but, above all, I am a bold leader and savvy negotiator who values justice, equity, and fairness. I hope to have your support on my journey to create a brighter tomorrow for our City of Lights.


My Experience

As a local educator with decades of experience, I have worked with our students in District 131 and at Waubonsee Community College. I am a proud local union president and community activist. Through that work, I have designed professional development for current and future teachers, and parents and the community, negotiated contracts, and collaborated on the development of long-term goals and the plans to meet those goals. I believe in the people of Aurora, and I believe that I have the unique skill set as an educator, collaborator, and leader to ensure that every Auroran can live life to its fullest.

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Independent Leadership when we need it the most

A strong city is made up of the people who live and work in it. Aurora is a diverse city with complex challenges. As your at-large alderman, I will identify and address the issues that transcend individual wards and affect our entire city.


1. Reduce Property Taxes

Over the last two years, Aurora has raised utility rates and fees while property taxes continue to go up. I will work to ensure no Aurorans are taxed out of their homes by working with local leaders to lower property taxes. This includes current proposals, that would affect, District 204 which cut school funding and raises property taxes. I will work with state legislators to ensure the State of Illinois properly funds all our schools.

2. Ending Pay to Play Politics

For too long, insiders have put profit before people, even in Aurora. I believe the City Council should enact a comprehensive ethics ordinance that prohibits contributions from contractors seeking to do business with the City. In addition, city leaders should be honest and forthcoming about their conflicts of interest. All conflicts of interest should be submitted in writing and posted on the City’s website for the benefit of Aurora’s residents.

3. Responsiveness and Transparency

I believe being Alderman-at-Large is much more than a title, it’s a sacred responsibility to every Auroran in every community in every ward. I will meet residents where they’re at, holding regular town halls where I will answer questions, listen to concerns, and keep residents informed. I will also be an advocate for responsiveness and transparency in other City functions. “Slips,” like those used to inform residents of the discussion to close the West Aurora Library Branch will no longer be acceptable. I will also work to convert Aurora’s politically-appointed library board into an elected board that is responsible to the voters.

4. Financial Responsibility

Going line-by-line of the City’s budget is my number one priority. I believe budgets are moral documents where we prioritize what’s most important to us. As your at-large alderman, I will collaborate with city leaders to identify redundancies, create efficiencies, and provide Aurorans with the fiscally-responsible city they deserve.

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Brooke’s leadership skills, enthusiasm, and energy will serve the people of Aurora well. I grew up on the east side of Aurora in the house my great grandfather built in 1904 and value the diversity and history of my home town. I recommend and support Brooke for alderman!

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