I endorse Brooke Shanley because she is dedicated to serving Aurora kids' and their families as a top-notch educator. She will bring her incredible work ethic and passion for the well-being of working families to the job of Alderman-At-Large. She will make Aurora voters proud!

Susan Hurley



Local Organization

North Central Illinois Labor Council




Brooke’s leadership skills, enthusiasm, and energy will serve the people of Aurora well. I grew up on the east side of Aurora in the house my great grandfather built in 1904 and value the diversity and history of my home town. I recommend and support Brooke for alderman!

Diane Chapman




I am a fellow educator and met Brooke when we were enrolled in the education program at Benedictine University. Even during college Brooke was an advocate for children, working through a respite program with exceptional children - her dedication and care was palpable. Over the years our paths have diverged both in proximity and education but we have kept in contact and her concerns for the students she teaches and their families is always a topic of conversation. I can not think of anyone more dedicated to public service than Brooke, she is deserving of everyone's vote.

Emily Canibano



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